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In her TEDxCPW Audience Experience, "Liberating Your Laughter," Celeste shows us how we can all tap into our innate and infinite ability to laugh unconditionally and with ease — even when life isn't going well, and nothing seems funny. "Liberating Your Laughter" was originally shared as part of the TEDx Centennial Park Women event on December 6, 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

We all want to look better, be healthier and think more clearly, but getting in shape is no laughing matter. However it can be if you talk to Laughter Yogis in Atlanta. They believe the secret is working out your funny bone. November 13, 2014 WXIA

Taking a moment to laugh and dance after lunch at the July 20-21, 2019 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training.
Laughter brings about genuine connections among senior living residents. Marketing likes it too!
At Laughter Yoga Atlanta, we believe that employee retreats should be filled with laughter and genuine connection.
Laughter makes movement fun! Notice how these senior living residents didn't want to stop running! Shark!
Tee Hee Binoculars Laughter Yoga exercise from July 20-21, 2019 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training.
Continuing education for new Laughter Yoga Leaders or those considering getting certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.
Many newly certified Laughter Yoga Leaders have trouble leading the Laughter Meditation. This video is an attempt to help. :)

Vowel Geyser Laughter at the Third Tuesdays Free Laughter Yoga Circle. Join us any time:

Celeste Greene, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher at Laughter Yoga Atlanta, gives a short preview of content from her Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training program.