See Laughter Yoga Atlanta in Action!

Laughter Yoga Atlanta gives TED talk at an independently organized TED event held in Atlanta on December 6, 2013. 

In our TEDx Centennial Park Women talk, titled Liberating Your Laughter, we demonstrate how we can all tap into our innate and infinite ability to laugh unconditionally and with ease — even when life isn't going particularly well and nothing seems funny. 

CNN featured a session of the Third Tuesdays Free Laughter Yoga Club in action!

We all want to look better, be healthier and think more clearly, but getting in shape is no laughing matter. However it can be if you talk to Laughter Yogis in Atlanta. They believe the secret is working out your funny bone. November 13, 2014 WXIA

See what former trainees saying about the Laughter Yoga Atlanta Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training program, facilitated by Celeste Greene. 

We created a video series with content from our Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training program to help new leaders master facilitating Laughter Yoga sessions. Turn up the volume on your speakers to get the most out of the video!