"A good laugh is sunshine in the house." ~ William Thackeray

Laughter is a guaranteed way to brighten any room, especially residential communities for older adults.

Reliable and sustainable therapeutic approaches to laughter such as Laughter Yoga provide a sound form of complementary medicine for older adults that helps to keep them in good health and good cheer.

Laughter Yoga offers profound physical, mental, and social benefits for older adults, plus it creates community connection beyond ordinary exercise classes. Read more about factors affecting older adults and how therapeutic laughter can help.

The exercises are low-impact, well tolerated, easily adaptable to various levels of cognitive, sensory and motor abilities — and fun. Our programs have been successfully implemented in senior centers, independent living, supportive living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. Participants often say that it’s given them a whole new perspective on their lives.

Older adults in the Atlanta area are especially fortunate to have access to Laughter Yoga Atlanta founder, Celeste Greene, whose pioneering work with assisted living residents earned her a Master’s degree in Gerontology from Georgia State University.

Let's discuss how we can help your residents

enjoy a higher level of happiness and quality of life.

Please view descriptions of our most popular workshop formats:

Power of Laughter Introductory Workshop (45-60 minutes)

This informative presentation focuses on the profound health and wellness benefits of laughter. Participants experience how easily it is to tap into this powerful medicine through an interactive and invigorating Laughter Yoga session consisting of gentle laughter and deep breathing exercises.

We conclude with a relaxing guided visualization, leaving participants feeling joyful, refreshed and grounded. We allow time for debrief and sharing techniques to add more laughter into daily life.

Laugh & Stretch™ Laughter Yoga Sessions (30-60 minutes)

Laugh & Stretch™ is a gentle seated cardiovascular workout for older adults that combines unconditional laughter exercises, deep breathing techniques and gentle stretches. It does not require special exercise clothing or equipment. All that is needed is a willingness to laugh, let go and have fun!

During Laugh & Stretch™ sessions, participants initiate laughter as exercise in a group setting, and through making eye contact and allowing oneself to be playful while choosing to laugh, self-initiated laughter quickly becomes genuine and contagious.

Are you a senior living professional interested in getting trained to facilitate laughter-based exercise programming?