Going to work has never felt this good or been so much fun.

Our customized laughter-based programs help your company achieve its full potential.

our most popular program formats: 

  • 10-30 minute icebreakers

  • 60 minute keynote presentations

  • 45-90 minute workshops

  • Private Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings

  • 4-12 week programs

  • 12-month comprehensive initiative

Participants often get a whole new perspective on their work, resulting in:

  • Enhanced performance

  • Improved communication and teamwork

  • Reduced physical and emotional tension

  • Increased profits

  • and much more!

Our Programs:

Introductory Workshop

Participants experience simple, effective and scientifically validated strategies for dissolving stress, developing emotional intelligence, strengthening cohesiveness and improving peak performance. We help your employees to:

  • Release the negative effects of stress in the body and mind

  • Improve morale and performance

  • Convert disparate groups into a cooperative team

  • Promote a positive and receptive frame of mind and an improved sense of wellbeing

  • Enhance efficiency levels and maximize performance.

Key Content: A brief introductory presentation customized to address team/organizational goals, followed by an experiential laughter program. The presentation concludes with a relaxing guided visualization and short debrief to discuss next steps to apply this learning to daily life.

Icebreaker/Energizer Session

An ideal start to meetings, conferences, or seminars that will:

  • Energize participants quickly, kick starting a good mood and receptive state of mind

  • Break down barriers between people, building a sense of community and helping creativity and communication to flow

  • Increase attention span during long training sessions and improve efficiency and performance.

Key Content: A brief introduction to the benefits of unconditional laughter with a focus on interactive laughter and breathing exercises.

Check out the video footage from our talk at an independently organized TED event to see how the Laughter Yoga practice works beautifully in an icebreaker format. 

Sample Presentation Topics:

Health and Wellness Workshop | Presentation focused on health and wellness benefits of laughter. Participants experience tapping into this powerful medicine through an interactive Laughter Yoga session. The session consists of gentle laughter-based exercises and deep breathing techniques. We conclude with a relaxing guided visualization, leaving participants feeling joyful and refreshed.

Stress Buster Workshop | Presentation focused on stressors in the workplace and the laughter strategies to prevent/alleviate them. The laughter session is especially designed to give a quick cardio workout followed by cooling down and breathing exercises. Participants will feel more relaxed almost instantly.

Team Building Workshop | Presentation focused on developing emotional intelligence and strengthening team cohesiveness and performance through laughter techniques.

Peak Performance Workshop | Presentation focused on how to boost energy on demand for peak performance. The laughter session is especially designed to give a quick cardio workout followed by cooling down and breathing exercises.

Improvisation Workshop

Objective: The Awakening the Right Brain workshop activates the qualities of creativity, intuitive decision making, empathy and joyfulness to enhance team collaboration.

Key Content: The first half of the workshop is about Improvisation games using the power of “Yes-And” and other targeted listening and thinking techniques that inspire creativity and collaboration with teammates. Participants learn ways to creatively approach workplace challenges and expand the range and depth of solutions.

The second half of the workshop is an invigorating Laughter Yoga session for participants to experience the profound physiological and psychological benefits of laughter.

The workshop concludes with a relaxing guided visualization that will solidify the benefits achieved in the previous exercises, leaving participants refreshed and eager to enjoy ongoing creativity and collaboration.


12-Month Laughter Yoga Comprehensive Initiative

Objective: Provide a solution for organizations that seek to implement Laughter Yoga programming in-house on a regular basis.

Key Content: Laughter Yoga Atlanta conducts private Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings for program ambassador employees. Upon successful completion of the training, Laughter Yoga program ambassadors are qualified to facilitate ongoing in-house Laughter Yoga sessions. Laughter Yoga Atlanta monitors and supports the implementation through periodic facilitator booster training sessions and ongoing program evaluation.

4-12 Week Wellness Program

Objective: Provide unique and effective programming to boost employee health, improve corporate culture and create lasting positive organizational change.

Key Content: Our programs are customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of each organization and include a mix of  Laughter Yoga, group fitness, meditation and guided visualizations, and/or hypnotherapy, delivered weekly over a period of 4-12 weeks.


Let's create a customized wellness solution for your group. 

This all sounds great, but I need to see it. What would a workshop look like?

At Laughter Yoga Atlanta, we believe that employee retreats should be filled with laughter and genuine connection.

We often present experiential talks for large groups in which the interactive Laughter Yoga exercises are facilitated from the stage with a group of participants who are seated stadium style. To get a feel for how the Laughter Yoga practice works beautifully in this setup, please view the video footage from our talk at an independently organized TED event that was held here in Atlanta on December 6, 2013. 

We tailored this TEDxCPW talk, titled Liberating Your Laughter to fit within the event theme by demonstrating how we can all tap into our innate and infinite ability to laugh unconditionally and with ease — even when life isn't going particularly well and nothing seems funny.