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Laughter Yoga With Seniors In New Jersey
February 5, 2012
This video is courtesy ABC News, and shows Beverly Burns, a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher facilitating a Laughter Yoga session at a senior center New Jersey. See what these seniors have to say about this joyful form of aerobic exercise. WATCH VIDEO NOW >  

Time Magazine
September 13, 2010
Did you hear the one about the group of strangers who gathered in a room and burst out laughing for no reason? Neither had I. So when I went to my first laughter-yoga class, I felt as if I wasn't getting the joke. I dutifully joined the other students, ages 20 to 90, in such exercises as clapping while uttering loud, rhythmic reps of "Ho ho! Ha ha ha!" and cracking up while pretending to be on a phone. I hated it. But I have to admit that after 30 minutes or so, I started to feel a little less stressed. READ MORE >  

The New Yorker
August 30, 2010
In the pantheon of celebrity doctors, Madan Lal Kataria has claimed for himself what is surely the strangest mantle. He is a physician who has transformed himself into the leader of an international movement that promotes laughter as a cure for just about any ailment — physical, psychological, or spiritual. He is known as the Guru of Giggling. Estimates of the number of people who engage regularly in Kataria's exercises are as high as two hundred and fifty thousand, but there is really no way to gather precise figures. Kataria has said that in India alone there are six thousand laughter-yoga clubs. READ MORE >
August 2010
Forbes covers Laughter Yoga in an online video. WATCH VIDEO NOW >  


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