Below is a list of resources.
My favorite Laughter Yoga related web sites! 

Laughter Yoga International
The official Web site of Dr. Madan Kataria, the Indian physician who started the movement in 1995.

Laughter Yoga with Gita
Gita is a fellow Laughter Yoga Teacher, who is using Laughter Yoga to cope with her Parkinson's and is spreading the word in Tuscon, AZ.

Carmela Carlyle, CLYT extrodinaire
Carmela is my idol. She uses Laughter Yoga in her counseling practice and works with corporations, seniors, yoga stuidos and her community at large in Sonoma County, CA.

The American School of Laughter Yoga
Founded by Sebastian Gendry, their mission is to inspire and empower individuals, businesses and associations about the use of laughter as a genuine solution to stress and health-related issues. Lots of great resources!

The Laughter Yoga Institute
Brought to us by Jeffrey Briar, founder of the Laguna Laughter Club, he is responsile for sharing laughter Yoga with Americans via his awesome YouTube videos and appearances on Oprah and Dancing with the Stars.

Laughter Yoga USA
Gaga & Khevin Barnes, the ultimate Laughter Yoga couple, bring us Laughter Yoga on the phone. Don't have a club locally? It doesn't matter. Call in to the Laughter Yoga Phone line and you will never laugh alone!

Joyful Living Yoga
Jill Johnson is a tradtional yoga teacher and a Laughter Yoga Teacher, in South Dakota, who incorporates yoga and Laughter Yoga to help cardiac and cancer patients. She is joined by her ever faithful side kick and husband Dan.

Belly Laugh Day
Elaine Helle is my Laughter Yoga Teacher and she started this international day which is celebrated on January 24th at 1:24 pm with a great big belly laugh. Wherever you are!

1 Laugh at a Time
Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy is a true gem! Trained in Gerontology and Adult Fitness, Laughter Yoga is only one of the many things she has to offer. Laura Lou is also a co-leader for the Hawthorne Laughter Club & has been instrumental in keeping it afloat.

Other Laughter Inspired Links
Laughter Yoga didn't invent laughter! Check out what others are doing in this area.

Sarito Sun
Sarito is a hypnotherapist who has been leading laughter meditations for 30+ years. She has a great laughter meditation CD so you don't have to laugh alone!

Anne Goodheart, Ph.D. & Laughter Coach
Anne is the original laughter coach and author of Laughter Therapy. And yes, Goodheart is her REAL name!

World Laughter Tour
WLT was founded by Steve Wilson. Steve helped bring Dr. Kataria to the US and his laughter leaders & clubs are similar, but also different than Laughter Yoga. Using more humor in their approach, this site is a great resource for laughers.

American Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor
Wonderful professional organization with lots of info on laughter and humor.

International Society for Humor Studies


Laughter Yoga Atlanta Research