A word from our founder, Celeste Greene.
Celeste Greene is the Director of Laughter Yoga Atlanta. Before discovering unconditional laughter and training as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, Celeste entertained Atlanta audiences in weekly improvisational comedy shows at Whole World Theatre. When Celeste was not performing on stage, she guided children and teens in honing their own crafts. Through Laughter Yoga Atlanta she shares techniques that enable participants to tap into the playfulness that she cultivated in children, unconditionally and with ease.

Celeste holds a BA in Communication and Media Studies and has worked in various client service, sales and account management roles. Your Laughter Yoga session with Celeste will exceed your expectations for both fun and professionalism.

Combining unconditional laughter and yogic breathing techniques with exceptional client service, Laughter Yoga Atlanta empowers individuals and businesses to attain optimal wellness by cultivating and nurturing their innate joy.

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Each Laughter Yoga Atlanta session is tailored to the client's unique goals and objectives. Laughter Yoga Atlanta sessions are created and facilitated by Celeste Greene, both independently and where designed, with a team of qualified professionals.

Contact Laughter Yoga Atlanta, tell us your goals and parameters, and we will design a program just for you. 

Professional, Knowledgeable, Informative, Flexible and Fun